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This Cat Wearing a Shark Costume is Important

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That he is riding a Roomba and chasing a ducking around the kitchen before being joined by a pitt bull dressed as a hammerhead shark is an added bonus. Also, the moment at 1:48 is why god invented the internet.

They Called it the Internet

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First of all, the dog’s name is Murkin. Second of all, his face. Third of all, both of those things.

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A Whole Lotta Mad

April 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

The cat = internet

The guy holding the camera = Facebook

It’s gonna be a bumpy CISPA!

This is a True Thing!

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God bless America! (no really, a cat)

God Help Me

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I have a new favorite show, about puppies and kitties and shit. I’m never leaving my living room again.

Speaking of that, it’s Caturday TO THE MAAAXXXXX!!!!!!!

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A Whole Lotta Mad, also Gummies

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For full effect, be sure to read the comments! People sure have strong opinions about things.

Speaking of things, this kind of thing is apparently one?

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And because it’s Fr-Fr-Friday, here’s a cocktail everyone must try at least once in their lives! FUNNY FOR REASONS HE CANNOT SAY, INDEED.

It Ain’t Just for Trolls Anymore

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Fuckery comes in all shapes and sizes you guys! For example, Progressive activists urging Democrats to vote for Poop Santorum in tonight’s open causauses. You know, the thing that INFURIATES Democrats whenever they suspect Republicans are doing it. Good thing the rules are different when it’s us! Wait they’re not? According to grassroots anti-troll hero Markos Moulitsas, the answer is apparently MEH!

In other e-LOL-ction news, this is a disappointment.

This is a Post About Trolling

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I like the part about how he's a little bit scary looking

I was afi (away from INTERNET) most of yesterday, and am just now catching up on the last 36 hours of cats and general fuckery. I don’t like missing INTERNET, it makes me feel the way normal people feel when they’re sick or on vacation and their friends end up going out and doing stuff without them and the next time everybody gets together their friends keep giggling about “sloth penis is not a meme, is now a meme” or whatever, and they’re all like hey. Yup, that is precisely the relationship I have with INTERNET.

Also, yeah ok so, this morning BuzzFeed posted a clip of the BBC chasing down an RIP troll irl (they interviewed me for the program, though I haven’t seen the whole thing so don’t know if I was just a consultant or if any of my statements were actually used) and linked to the Gawker piece which talks about my piece which is…weird. Here’s the vidya:

The interesting this about this is that the producers assume he’s going to try and justify his behaviors, freak out, trip over some tortuous self-aggrandizing logic — which of course is not what happens at all, and reminds me of my favorite clip from MTV’s H8RS. The premise of this latter show is like, bullying is bad, and forces “h8ers” to confront the celebrities they hate (get it, H8). In the first episode, Snooki from That Show I’ve Never Watched ambushes her biggest “h8er” and demands to know if he’s willing to say the same things to her face. The “h8er” is surprised, but holds his ground. “Yes,” he says, then tells her she’s terrible. Back to actual trolling: when the host asks “Nimrod” if he knows the impact his behaviors have, his answer is unequivocal. “Yeah,” he says. And when asked what he thinks, Nimrod shrugs. “Fuck ‘em.” This doesn’t surprise me one bit, but it does surprise the producers. “There you go,” the host says. “An internet troll. That’s what they look like.” All I can say is, well, yes and no…

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

February 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

I like the part about finding teeth that Michael can’t explain. I’d be crying too!

I like the part about OH MY GEE. I’d be night puking too!

I like the part about how Zuckerberg is basically playing Tech Jesus, taking credit for all of the good in the world and blaming all of the bad on MySpace or whatever. I’d be counting my gold doubloons while stroking my own penis too!


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