Why Don’t You Have a Seat.

April 11, 2011 § 3 Comments

Excuse my dust, cadre of nonexistent readers. Soon this will become a “web log” filled with WRITING and INSIGHT! -or at least writing. And no feelings, I promise. It’s gonna be a GAS, oh boy.

The plan: They’ve been telling me since before I was born that I should have an academic blog. Finally I was like, ok. So here she blows. I guess I’ll write my way into projects or whatever. Plus solicit the advice of colleagues and friends, who by and large are smarter than me. Also liveblog my fascinating journey into the bowels of my PhD exams. Will I make it out alive?? Probably not. In conclusion, hello.


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§ 3 Responses to Why Don’t You Have a Seat.

  • j w powell says:

    The bay is mostly full of water, the sky evenly (roughly) divided between blue and thin milky white, the office mostly full of books and threatening piles of papers, the world not evenly divided, even roughly, between friends and non-friends. Piers Plowman, what to say? All that non-literal literary stuff we’ve been putting up with ever since is probably Langland’s fault.

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