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April 22, 2011 § 4 Comments

…mapping out this weekend’s writing objectives, that is. Due to a few tanglebangs of the departmental variety, I’m only now starting to work on my Dickwolves MEGAPAPER. If my HASTAC lead-in post was any indication, it’s gonna be a doozy — nearly split my balls trying to frame Stanton’s article in a way that didn’t overstep the scope of a 500-word thought piece. Weirdly, the MEGAPAPER (one longer paper written for two separate Folklore classes) will probably give me less trouble than the HASTAC post, since I’ll have all the space in the world (well, considerably more space) to write my way into the topic and argument and whatever other weird thing I end up doing.

As it currently stands, my MEGAPAPER will consist of three sections: First, an overview of Stanton’s argument (well, statements) about “lady hating online trolls,” which is less about Stanton herself and more about the importance of context when dealing with online artifacts. The second section will provide context for both the Penny Arcade and girl gamer/feminist perspective. I won’t spend an excessive amount of time on either camp (since first of all, it’s not like there’s an Estados Unidos of Feminist Bloggers) but do want to explain what the comic was actually saying/trying to say and why certain factions might have taken such offense (short answer: video game culture is dick-centered enough already, the last thing anybody needs is yet another apparently sexist thing thrown into the misogyny pot). But what about the trolling response? Unlike the feminist backlash or PA’s response to the feminist backlash, which can be placed in fairly clear context fairly easily, the trolling response (which I won’t be linking to any particular forum, ahem /b/) is much trickier to pin down. -An issue I’ll be taking up in my third question. I’m still working out the details on this part, but have a basic schema in my head that might –well, intends to– provide an explanatory framework for highly problematic/offensive trolling humor. Per my super special MemeFactory friend Patrick (funded!), I’ll also be looking at Pedobear, one of trolldom’s most resilient and ubiquitous memes, which is similarly horrifying when considered literally (i.e. the mascot of child pornography and pedophilia generally).

In other words, it’s an ambitious project. This weekend I’ll be working on the basic framing of things, nothing too difficult — better to start slow, make sure footing is secure. Which is more about preemptive laziness than anything, I hate wasting effort on crap I end up having to cut.


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  • Douk says:

    The point where one stops caring about empowering or helping women and starts trying to restrict men and how they behave amongst themselves is the point where feminism crosses over into blatant misandry.

    Example being feminist rallying for banning urinals in Sweden, claiming men being able to stand and pee is suggestive of violence and demeaning to women. Despite women not being present in a mens bathroom, this doesn’t affect or empower women and is the result of the misandry that’s growing in the feminist movement like a cancer.

    • In this particular case, do you think men’s behavior is/was/will be restricted? I’m assuming you think this is problematic? More generally –i.e. not related to trolling, but to your comment more generally– who should be the arbiter of what empowers or is helpful to women?

  • Alison says:

    Hi! I’m very curious to read your paper. Did you finish it? Are you planning to publish it anywhere?

    • Oh man, what a nightmare that paper turned out to be. I did indeed finish it, but it was one of those “get it out of your system, run for cover” ptsd-inducing hellscape projects…luckily I’ll be able to recycle a good deal of my argument & frankenstein the pieces into a much-much-much revised (and basically reworked from the ground up) dissertation chapter. So not all is lost, but still.

      Also hi! Thanks for the note, how’d you find this here blog?

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