Today’s Travels – While I Was Out

May 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

Yes yes. Many days have passed. I was out solving crimes, probably. Or making bacon art. I’ll never tell. Let’s see, what happened while I was away. Cats did things. Also notSomebody in the UK cleaned an owl. A seal was lazy. Cartoon dogs ate tiny plants. This guy met the President. A joke about Facebook actually made me laugh. People took some amazing pictures. And then people photoshopped even more amazing pictures.

You know, the usual.

More research stuff in the next few days…it’s been an eventful month. Work always getting in the way of my work, etc.


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§ 2 Responses to Today’s Travels – While I Was Out

  • I laughed at the facebook comment. But only because I always laugh really hard at people when they have their forever alone pity parties for themselves.

    Also, hamsters are really stupid, and owls always look annoyed by everything happening.

    • If my soul were rectum-sized, it would be that hamster. Because THIS TERM.

      And yeah the FB thing made me laugh, even though I’m no longer a Facebook-American. Not that I ever wrote about emotionally significant crap on Facebook — mainly just posted videos of humans being wacky (they say the darndest things), and cats because it’s the internet.

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