Today’s Travels – Actual Travels!

June 13, 2011 § Leave a comment


As some of you may know (lol I’m looking at you “KN”) I’m currently in Durham, North Carolina for a little jaunt down romance way. I’ll be here till oh who knows when, and until I return to paradise I’m taking on the role of INTREPID BEAT REPORTER who Sees and Comments upon Things. Today was my first day of proper exploration (well, exploration that didn’t involve driving back and forth between Target, Lowes and Whole Foods*) and boy howdy did it involve…you know like walking. I was on the hunt for one of the downtown outlets for the famed (not really) American Tobacco Trail, and spent half the morning wandering up and down random streets and past rows upon rows of converted brick warehouses. I finally found what I was looking for in Durham’s not-very-Central Park, right behind a wall of portapotties. Or as they’re known where I’m from, “Andy Gumps” (best name for a shitbox EVER, imo, it really anthropomorphizes the whole process). And this is where my story gets KRAZY. On account of I thought the label read “Asian Can” — and clutched my pearls in horror y’all! I mean I knew it was racist here but I didn’t think it’d be THAT racist. Anyway what did that even MEAN? I moved a bit closer just to be sure and realized it was actually “a sani can,” which made a lot more sense. Adventures!

Also maturity.

And I wouldn’t say she was trying to EAT him, as much as hug him with her teeth.

I think Nexflix is broken?

My eyes certainly are.

Ah that’s much better.

Thanks internet!

*inb4 LOL/bourgie, I’m aware of that, Deed.


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