Today’s Travels – Contact of an Insulting or Provoking Nature

June 30, 2011 § 2 Comments

One of the things that’s nice about being back on the west coast is that by the time I wake up and make myself some coffee, the internet is already abuzz & most everything bizarre that’s going to be posted is already up. On the east coast, I’d have to wait for everybody to get to work, since that’s where all the mischief happens. And is why the weekends are so quiet, there’s no oppressive Man to stick things to.

Speaking of oppression, here’s the poor man’s Martha Stewart on the origin of messes, for which the only excuse is carelessness.

Reminds me of something…

The art of the slowdown, starring Toddlers and Tiaras very own 40-something drag queen prostitot, Miss Eden Wood.

Color me impressed, this is really good you guys. She’s livin’ the life she wants to live! Caviar in the sky!

Also here’s Adam Savage from MythBusters performing “I Will Survive” as Gollum.

In conclusion, zombies.

This is an actual thing


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§ 2 Responses to Today’s Travels – Contact of an Insulting or Provoking Nature

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