Today’s Travels – All Good Things Must Come to a End

July 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Of course I refer to THE POTTER, which unsurprisingly made me weep (Snape’s death scene? When Harry cups his hand over Snape’s wound, and looks at him with such concern, despite everything? oh my god I almost died, it was one of the most tender, human moments I’ve seen on-screen in ages). I may write more about this later today –though I’m not particularly keen to talk about feeeelings, at least not publicly, and there’s no way for me to talk about Potter without waxing poetic about my personal relationship to the film and books. I sorta feel like, that’s mine — I found myself choking up during some of the flashback scenes not just because I care about the characters (which, after 10 years of mediated acquaintance, I unabashedly do), but because I have powerful sense-memories about where (and who) I was and what was happening in my life when I first encountered those images. It was quite moving, actually. Oh but here I am, accidentally being sentimental. Let’s blow some shit up!

For example childhood:

And/or the world as we know it:

But mostly my appetite, for the rest of my life ever (for the record they’re married, so no I won’t be having a seat thankyouverymuch):

Aw I’m just joshin. Love ain’t nothin but a number, assholes. Congrats to the happy couple!

Also, books have arrived, side project more or less buttoned up. Back to the grind I guess, awesome?


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