Aaaaaand I’m Back

August 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Something about the Rainbow Bridge

Mother was very busy this weekend, kicking ass, taking names, chipping away at various outside projects one deafening keystroke at a time, not unlike like a deranged woodpecker and not vacuuming once even though MY CARPET, it’s covered in bits of dried mango.  Pretty good haul all told, but totally dunzo — time to get back to dumb exams, it was fun while it lasted etc.

However I’m an idiot and forgot to order the last few books on my Symbolic Power list, meaning I’ll have to put those last few selections (and it really just is a few, hot damn) on hold & move on to the Digital Culture list. This list is the list I’ve been waiting for — the Folklore list was fun, and will be foundational for some of my post-irony stuff, and the SymboPoPo list has proven to be more useful than I was expecting, three cheers for Carol Stabile. But the Digital Culture list, obviously that’s directly relevant to my direct interests. It also marks the transition from dumb Breadth Exam to less annoying Orals, meaning my bloggin approach will also change. There are about 150 items on my DC list, compared to the 50 between my two Breadth lists. Plus Orals is just that, more of a conversation, so I don’t need to prepare myself in the same ways. I think what I’ll do is write a very short 100 word overview for each selection, then divide the list into related topics and write longer posts on the questions at issue. We’re getting down to the wire, just a few more weeks of this and then I can relax. Except lol not really, Dan Savage is a liar, but at least I won’t be subject to space madness aka THIS SHIT for very much longer.


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