Today’s Travels – Growing Pains

August 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yeah, you know what? I was inspired. It’s an inspiring song, and reminds me of chocolate-flavored malt-o-meal.

Aw memories!

But wait just a goddamn minute. 16 years later? How is that even possible.

Christ I haven’t thought of this artfilm in YEARS, and suddenly everything I see has something to do with Cher & Co. (I was 12 when Clueless came out, and at the time was a Popular –aka blonde, hair-tossing life-ruiner– and my terrible hyena friends and I chose which characters we “were.” I was post-hot Tai, thankyouverymuch, there aren’t enough facepalms in the WORLD.)

Also you know what’s awesome? Construction right outside my office window, I really like the way the asphalt-smasher vibrates my bile ducts. And how half of today’s selections are videos, meaning if I go outside I need to bring my comp and squint myself to death due to I’m both blind and highly light sensitive but don’t have combined sun/eyeglasses. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS ARE THE WORST.


Witnee ❤ ❤ ❤


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