Oh My Gosh Fun Friday!!!!!!

September 2, 2011 § 6 Comments

Baby, it’s so crazy baby.

Love the last two seconds of pure disdain. I’m right there with you, bitchcat.


Honey, your “coffee” just doesn’t taste any good.

In conclusion, THIS GOAT.


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§ 6 Responses to Oh My Gosh Fun Friday!!!!!!

  • Frank says:

    thank you for introducing me to the yelling goat.

    • Yes, I’m sitting in my office pretending to work cackling like a Shakespearean villain whilst listening to Britney Spears “Crazy,” because that was a magical time in a young girls’ life.

  • Kato says:

    That goat is the best

  • phildept says:

    I prefer the cat or maybe it is the puppy-and-the-cat, and then the symphony, which I almost missed clicking on. and oh gawd the coffee.
    Here comes a bit of effusive praise and I mean every jot and tittle: These posts about readings and then examples–alert, ironic, smart, sucking us down to ever-lower circles of hell–well, this one is just another in a long series of tours de force. It is the best introduction to the cultural studies discipline, and the only evidence I’ve seen that it is not just a windegg which should be taken out to the woods and left to die of exposure.

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