Today’s Travels – Finally!

September 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Good news everybody! Part TWO, coming straight for yr NUTS.

Speaking of FINALLY, some brave patriot realized that no one’s deep-fried bubblegum at a fair, yet! I know, I couldn’t believe it either — I called rule Paula Deen on that shit YEARS ago. Nice work America!

Oh and hey, so, the first part of this is like, yeah, old people + MEMMAYS = wait hu what’s that cat doing riding a rainbow through space, but then at the 1:30 mark the charming young man shows grammammmaaa a little ditty known as “MEATSPIN DOT COM” (you should Google it!) (don’t worry you prudes, it’s totally SFW) (I mean this video is, though you really should Google meatspin, you might just learn something) and I’ll admit, I lol’d.

Speaking of flapping dicks and horrified grandparents, I juuuust finished revisions on the RIP chapter — hence the vidya-heavy postings these last few days. Still have line edits and micro-OCD tweaks to make (por ejemplo I’ll be walking to the bookstore for a Grape Propel minding my own GD business when I realize I’ve opened two paragraphs in a row with the phrase “That said,” and my head will nearly explode till I’m able to make the changes which almost always result in a top-down rewrite of the first three sentences of the first paragraph and a full revision of the second because by fixing the first “That said” I’ve inevitably stepped on the foot of some new thing LOL) , but otherwise I’m pretty happy with how the ol’ sumbitch turned out! Back to the exams grindstone tomorrow! WHAT A MAGICAL SUMMER THIS HAS BEEN


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