Nothing To See Here

September 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

First of all, no, I will not talk about where I was 10 years ago today. Second of all, no, I will not work myself into a tizzy over the mostly gross media coverage. At least not publicly, due to that’s why god invented people we actually know (ahem Kato, hey gurl).

But yes. Today. Many hours in front of the computer screen. Ten straight hours in front of the computer screen, save two snack breaks and a walk. Actually. Not that I’m counting. And boy, are my everything tired.

I have to be careful here — too much giddiness over research goldminery makes me an opportunistic ghoul (I am). But too much whining about the horrorshow of…you know, sitting on my ass otherwise perfectly comfortable looking at disturbing pictures on the internet…makes me a solipsistic idiot (ditto). All in all, it (and by “it” I mean the trolling response) was about what I was expecting. There was a lot of gore, a lot of anti-American sentiment, a lot of conspiracy theory trollbait — all par for the course, given past years’ responses. 2011 was different in that the energy was a bit…off…dismissive maybe, possibly even torpid, due in part I think to the media’s especially emotional coverage. And in part because Americans generally are restless and frustrated. This was punctuated by some of the bloodiest and maybe even meanest images I’ve ever seen (and trust me, that’s saying something), which wasn’t fun to sift through. In short, the country is more depressed/depressing this year, and consequently the trolling was more depressed/depressing. It sort of wiped me out, to be honest. But that’s neither here nor there, excuse me while I sigh and wave my hand dismissively.

Shifting gears. Tomorrow = EXAMS. It should be a real shitshow, but once I’m done that’ll be one less hoop to jump through. So…cool, I guess.


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