A Quick Programming Note

September 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Video unrelated (PROBABLY LOL), but always a joy.

Speaking of joy, Fall has officially fallen — I know because the sidewalks around my apartment once again glitter with the shards of a thousand broken bottles. It’s like Twilight, except not Mormon, the ground, and highly unlikely to give this woman a phantom baby. Although stranger things have happened, I suppose.

The point is that, starting Monday, things err gonna change round these parts. Sort of, due to it’s time to shift back to exams. It’s been fun writing you, chapters, you’ve got a really pretty face and a sweet personality, but I’m just not the type to settle down. It’s nothing personal I swear. Plus I’ve got business to attend to.

Yeah fucking called “orals.” Which is good because that means better readings (better=more explicitly relevant to my interests) AND brings me one step closer to “starting” my dissertation. If I were approaching this process like a normal person, I’d have even more to celebrate — we don’t need to schedule the exam until the very last week of the term. Thus it should come as no surprise that I’m shooting for late October. Which means –and John I know you’ll furrow your brow and snort in half-pleased horror– that suddenly things are going to start going fast(er). I have a LOT of ground to cover, and not very much time, and like really seriously dwindling energy reserves. But it’s very important that I’m done with the hoop jumping by November. THE FATE OF THE WORLD DEPENDS ON IT OK.

Anyway. I just wrote my syllabus and am taking the rest of today off. Gonna go pick apples or somesuch. Tomorrow revising, then hit the ground running on Monday morning. It’s been……..a summer.


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