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October 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Somehow they overlooked the Jenkemtini

Home completely exhausted after basically the best weekend that’s ever happened — really just one fucking awesome thing after another fucking awesome thing, topped off with calculator watch party favors and all the booze Reddit would feed us and rooftop parties with Imaginarium lighting (skip to :56, also PUNCH THAT WATER) and really, truly, some of the most creative, funny, interesting and holy-shit-smart worldbuilders (and smashers, you can’t overlook all the important smashing they do) I’ve ever had the pleasure to read the blogs of, let alone make Goatse jokes with in rooftop party rainbow tunnels — another one of my somewhat (?) rare joy-zones of unabashed puppy juggling. Because just JESUS, sitting in the same room with so many of the people who animate and archive and remix and of course smash the shit out of this thing called inter net —–MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD—— was amazing, as was finally getting to meet so many of my internet friends, and FUCKING ALL OF IT.

I’ll be thinking about what I learned and saw and overheard for the next few days and probably weeks — so much happened I wouldn’t be able to distill the whole conference into one post, not tonight at least. Instead I’ll just rattle off a few of the most frequently used/overheard/discussed catch-things, since that’s the ultimate in tl;dr recapping and will be revisited in turn. In conclusion! Aggregation! Content stream! Curator! Profit sharing! Attribution! Liquid archive! Ecological models of community! (Post-)identity! Shit about trees dropping fruit on other people’s yards and how this is (probably?) good for everyone!

Picture related, it’s me high on life. lol jk ROBOTRIPPIN

Partying Partying Yeah


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