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October 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

My examiner for this particular list provided a nice laundry list of all the shit I did wrong in the written portion, so my recap here won’t be so shot-in-the-dark. Thank god, because my BRAIN, it can only take so much.

So, instead of listing details for every single selection with a cute little recap I’ll group things together based on methodological approach. I’ll cross-list for research that does more than one thing, because these categories can get pretty messy pretty quickly. And having a sort-of flowchart will help prepare me for tomorrow’s firing squad.

  • Participant Observation (emic)

Frank Shaap (identity breakdown in New Carthage MUD); Lori Kendall (real life/virtual world crossover in Blue Sky MUD); Mary Gray (rural GLBTQ); Keith Basso (Apaches lollin at comical whitefolk)

  • Interviewing (etic)

C. J. Pascoe (“fag discourse” in CA high school); Timothy Tangherlini (Bay Area EMTs); Mary Gray (rural GLBTQ); Jeannie Thomas (dumb blonde jokes); Linda Hughes (girls’ spider queen playground games); Simon Bronner (woodworking and erectile dysfunction)

  • Critical Theory (the line between this and textual analysis is often too close to call; cross-posting just to be safe)

Gary Alen Fine, Patricia Turner (American race relations); Eliot Oring (the humor of hate); Eliot Oring (disaster humor); Lewis Hyde (trickster myths); Christie Davies (moar disaster humor);

  • “Textual” analysis

Susana Paasonen (discourse surrounding vajena & machinima), Jeannie Thomas (cemetery statuary); Tok Thompson (sex games between teenage boys); Jeannie Thomas (dumb blonde jokes); Rosemary Zumwalt (children’s jokes dealing with adult sexuality); Peter Narvaez (tricks and jokes at Newfoundland wakes); Bill Ellis (jokes directly following 9/11); Eliot Oring (Bill Clinton “internet humor”); Eliot Oring (the humor of hate); G. Legman (dirty-dirty jokes); Alan Dundes and Carl Pagter (photocopier humor)

I knew as I was writing my essay response that this would not be my finest intellectual hour — it was one of those deals where the question was working against me every step of the way, and at a certain point I just had to embrace the brainfuck. Whatever, it happens sometimes, and anyway I passed. The trick now is to figure out what to make of my examiner’s feedback. WE’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT.


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