The Home Stretch, Sort Of

October 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

AND SO IT BEGINS. Also/or AND SO IT ENDS, at this point what’s the difference. Because yes, finally, tomorrow morning from 10-12 I’ll be dining in hell aka a poorly-lit seminar cave whilst my amazing honeybadger of an advisor and two examiners inquisition my shit on symbolic power, whatever that is LOL, and humor & folklore. It’s an odd feeling — I’m not nervous, exactly, and know that I still have one more hoop to jump through afterwards, but there’s something about this particular exam that feels weirdly conclusive. Yes the digital culture list is longer, and yes orals –proper orals, which I’ve scheduled for November 4– is the BIG exam, and is the final thing before the prospectus, which is the final thing before I advance to candidacy. But Breadth exams have pushed me harder than digital culture has, in part because I didn’t have a built-in fire for either list. Plus it’s like running a mile — for me, the hardest lap was always the third. You know that no matter how tired you are, you still have to go around again. Once you’re on the fourth lap, fuck it, you can handle 400 meters so GO FASTER. You’ll rest when you’re dead, and so forth. Tomorrow is my third lap. Everything else will be a slingshot.

My job for today, then, is to anticipate possible questions and theoretical clusterings, starting with symbolic power. As Jiggle-Billy says. COMMENCE IT.


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