“…she doesn’t distinguish”

October 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sam Ford and Henry Jenkins, “Fan-demonium: A Tag-Team Approach to Enabling and Mobilizing Fans” (2007)

Fans are more than just fans they’re also curators and ambassadors! Like fans of pro-wrassling, who tape & trade local matches to spread the good news! Because although brands grow from the top down, they also grow from the inside out! Forming a very long yet very powerful tail ripe for corporate cannibalizing! Like one of those roundy snake things! Which means you best lay off the tail, even if there are a few rough patches of copyright scabies! The tail is your lunch ticket. And also your lunch! So just rub some in some lotion or something, it’s for the greater good.

Rebecca Lucy Busker, “LiveJournal and the Shape of Fan Discourse” (2008)

LiveJournal circa 2008! It’s like a listserv for fanfic writers but better, and a personal website but better, and Facebook or MySpace profile but better, and has totally changed fans’ ability to communicate and network in one centrally-located waterhole to s(p)lash and play in! I mean it gets messy of course! Fandom ain’t for the faint of heart & only the strong get reblogged & everyone has something to say about everything, hold on to your butts!

So here’s this woman that people love to hate. I know, let’s make a whole show about how crazy she is! Starring her own daughter, because that’s even funnier, I mean, can you imagine growing up with that woman? Hell no, pass the popcorn! Which is exactly the thing from the first thing; Whatever Martha gives anti-fans something new to lol at, and gives “proper” fans further reason to heart their fav-o-rite bitch goddess (“she has such a good sense of humor about herself!”). Presented more abstractly: Fringe, negotiated or counterhegemonic behaviors can be folded into the “official” brand universe in order to further interpolate the existing fanbase, and/or to carve out more space for new fans. The content providers win because here’s this cool new revenue stream and fans win because here’s this cool new sub-universe to explore, which in turn adds greater value to the ur-text, the end!


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