November 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

And with that, major combat (“reading”) operations are officially complete — Orals on Friday, praise be to Jebus.

And it’s funny, it feels like only yesterday that I first started the process. JUST KIDDING IT FEELS LIKE IT WAS FIVE MONTHS AGO BECAUSE IT FUCKING WAS. The verdict is mixed — I sure did learn a lot, and some of it was lots of fun. Some of it was infuriating, which was also fun (in its own way). I did not appreciate having to approach every selection like a surreptitious tomb raider. This was not casual reading, this was reading with a purpose; this was about efficiency and learning to zero in on Major Themes and finding a way to package those themes into digestible soundbites I’ll be able to purge all over my examiners. I haven’t read anything for its own sake in ages, which makes me feel slightly sheepish. Like, yeah I know all these things now, but only as the result of poaching, and does that still count? I guess I’ll never know.

tl;dr I’M NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN. Pictures related, it’s my brain on exams.

(“Fuck,” “Stupid” and “Totally Rad” courtesy a very nice young man)


§ 2 Responses to AND THAT’S A WRAP FOLKS

  • Anonymous says:

    Old school comments:
    Insightful. Hard working. Exceptionally intelligent. Shocking. Funny, including funny ha-ha and funny dreadful ironies exposed. Learned (two syllables). Broad-ranging. Conscious as in the Underground Man. Educational as hell, hell, educational as the whole divine comedy and I’m not talking about Dante here. Cute. Excruciating. Salt on the slug of pretension. Dangerous. Pitch perfect. Lord if not lady of vocabulary.

    Continued: Wonderful. Terrific. Amazing. Deserving of praise. Hard, HARD to follow this act.

    • Yikes, those are a lot of adjectives. Thanks old school anon……….


      But seriously (mom) — thanks for reading? I’ve just been trying to keep myself awake, mostly.

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