Hey Look a Memmay

November 12, 2011 § 4 Comments

It's funny because it makes me anxious

brought to my attention by a certain shadowy consultant, who was exactly right in saying that this wins because it fails because it wins because it’s true.

Also I really do have limited internet and will until Sunday night; in the meantime I’m tempted to order myself one of these. No need for medication!


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§ 4 Responses to Hey Look a Memmay

  • nightwork says:

    Solipsism, yeah!

    This was big for like a day, and will not be regular, repeated, “epix” meme like forever alone guy. This lack of related repetition anxiety is important, I think. The interesting part, imo, is that this propagated on relatively anonymous mediashit (I found it to be pervasive on tumblr) and is obviously a dig at solipsism on “authentic identity” social media (even if it isn’t intentionally showing up there, it defies posting on there).


    • Oh, what I love about this is that it ends up both repudiating and drinking its own kool-aid, and also hints at inter-platform tension, which is quickly becoming my new favorite shitstorm. Regarding the former, people who create/post this memmay are, in the very act of sharing, guilty of the same cybercrime, though in a winking hipster kind of way. Like, “people who post strong feelings on mediashit are lol, and here’s this thing declaring my own strong feelings about mediashit ON mediashit, inb4 that’s also lol, I know, it’s called self-awareness” — so like, containment of guilt via ironic association. And the fact that it’s Tumblrfolk digging at other Tumblrfolk and also FBfolk, aka go-to punchline, which Twitterfolk and Reddit folk can then point to in their own bid for platform supremacy, and which Yahoo Newsers can shit all over per their reaction to everything, makes the whole thing all the moar interesting — especially because nobody JUST has a Tumblr, they also have a FB and a Twitter and prolly are on Reddit too (with at least some working knowledge of Yahoo News). So like, the factions themselves interpenetrate, often in the same person, which only complicates the argument. To the extent that memmays ever have anything to do with arguments, due to how do they work.

  • karenmwade says:

    Intrigued by the Thundershirt. Do you actually own a dog, or is it just that the marketing is so persuasive you’re considering getting one in case you ever have, or meet, a nervous dog? (Which I can certainly agree with; already considering trying this thing on my cat.)

    (And hi! Catching up on your blog after having my head in thesisville for a few weeks!)

    • Hi!!!! And lol, no, I want a thundershirt for my own damn self. THE WORLD IS A VERY FRIGHTENING PLACE.

      And thesisville, hurray! How’s that going? I’m pulling into prospectustown myself, feels good man. : ) : ) : )

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