You Guys It’s Called Capitalism

December 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday GoDaddy caved to pressure from THE INTERNET re: SOPA and rescinded its support of History’s Shittiest Bill. Today people are still mad, madder even, because they see this move as pandering and transparently cynical. Their reversal just proves that GoDaddy only care about themselves, therefore we must continue our boycott!

I don’t disagree with this at all. Pandering and transparently cynical move is pandering and transparently cynical. Still, I’m sort of like — oh wait, you mean GoDaddy crunched some numbers and made a business decision? aka that’s what companies DO, they pander and are transparently cynical. Why is this surprising or especially upsetting to anyone? And jesus, if profit motivation is the criterion for boycotting a service provider, then we better……I don’t know, start building a spaceship?

I’m certainly not suggesting that we haplessly shrug into our soup while corporate slop monsters piss in our hair and smash all our electronic equipment with cardboard cutouts of Miley Cyrus (it’s a party in the USA, y’all!). We should push back against what we can push back against, and disrupt all of the things we’re able to disrupt. But it’s not just GoDaddy that’s fucked up, it’s the entire system. In this case, the market serves our interests — GoDaddy doesn’t want to lose any more money, and so they pulled their support for shitty SOPA. For now, and by “now” I mean “this legislative round,” this is a win. Hurray?


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