It Has My Highest Possible Recommendation

January 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

My partner and I have been watching evening TV together, like our forefathers before us. Minus the part about how we split our computer screens with Skype videos and whatever thing we happen to be watching, on opposite sides of the country. This evening we watched the miracle that is The Boy Who Loved Trolls, quite possibly the most drug-addled rainbow-crusted wayback clusterfuck I have ever had the profound honor of stuffing into my eyeholes. It really is something to behold, like Courtney Stodden went back in time, conceived and delivered herself in the backseat of a totaled Toyota Datsun, ran her afterbirth through a screenprinter, became a magician, placed a HELP WANTED: MAKING ART FILM ad in the local paper and paid a couple of hard-up young actors –a fresh-faced Sam Waterston and William H Macy– to eat several handfuls of acid, for 6 sticks of gum and a nylon mermaid costume.

And you’ll learn lessons! For example, I now know to ALWAYS follow the strange man under any bridge he points you towards, and to stay in his underwater castle as you’re not too old to believe in his “magic!”

I urge everyone to watch this film IMMEDIATELY.


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