Just a Small Town Girl

April 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

Journey, everybody! Also, having watched Chris put together a handful of supercuts in the last few weeks, I can say that this video is the result of A LOT OF HOURS OF WORK, and/therefore hats off.

This quote, taken from Gawker article about how Teen Vogue is trying to make wearing PJs to prom a thing, possibly as a cruel joke, made me laugh much harder than it should have:

That’s how I’d go about it too. Release a few choice quotes to select media outlets (the school paper, the morning announcements, Teen Vogue) about how my popular friends and I plan on schlepping up to prom in just any old thing. How anyone who doesn’t wear pajamas to prom is clearly a desperate try-hard. How there is liiiiterally noooothing woooorse than not wearing pajamas to prom.

Dear god, am I suddenly a fan of Teen Vogue now? Guess I have to be. Gif related, it’s how I imagine that pitch meeting.

In other look-ma-no-standards news, here’s a thing that made me laugh — people trying to communicate with their favorite restaurants over Facebook. My personal favorite:



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