CISPA Update Y’all

April 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Since I posted my thing about the thing yesterday, many an online conversation hath flourished in the yelling parts of the internet (aka all of it). News of CISPA’s swift and surreptitious passage in the House had JUST hit the wires, and people were making sense of the information as it arrived. 24 hours have passed, which equals about 2 weeks in internet-time, and things certainly aren’t looking up but they are looking somewhat less horrible, sort of. As Leigh Beadon at Techdirt explains in an update of his original post, some people have been like WOAH OK LOOK, this isn’t the end of the world just yet, amendment 6 actually limits CISPA’s reach. Maybe, except there’s also this:

Basically, the amendment closes a loophole but opens a door. It takes away some of the language that allows overreach of the bill, but then explicitly endorses the exact things people were worried the government would do with that language—as in, start using the data to investigate and build cases against American citizens without regard for the laws that would normally protect their privacy.

In other words……….I don’t even know. The bill is still awful, but is awful for the precise reasons its authors are trying to make it less awful. Which is confusing?


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