Dogs are Nice People, also ROFLcon

May 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

You might have to watch on YouTube, due to disabled embedding request (why do people do that?). I can’t mad though, because of dogs.

I’m headed off to ROFLcon later this evening — will be speaking on Saturday’s Adventures in Aca-meme-ia (GET IT???) panel. I’m excited about seeing everybody, and know the conference itself will be kickass (Tim and the rest of the ROFLcompany are geniuses at planning these things) but come to the table with some ambivalence. As a friend and I were discussing yesterday, the internet (little i, not big I) is in this weird moment of transition, and I’m not sure exactly how those changes will manifest themselves at this, the mother of all internet culture conferences. On a more practical level, I’m not sure how this, the mother of all internet culture conferences, will fit into the conclusion of my dissertation (which I’ve already written, but undoubtedly will need to revise, like all the goddamn chapters I thought I finished). ROFLcon figures pretty prominently in that last chapter, and throughout the whole manuscript actually; I’ve talked at length about ROFLcon I in 2008, ROFLcon II in 2010 and 2011‘s ROFLcon summit — ROFLcon III will complete the set, which means I’ll probably be making revisions as I’m sitting in the various panels. Don’t know how that will go, but I do know that whatever it is, it will be a thing.


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