ROFLcontinued Part I

May 4, 2012 § Leave a comment


Livestream here.

Global Lulzes

Memes in China! Brazil! Syria! I can’t even type through these because I’m learning. An Xiao Mia. Political memes. “Street art of the social web.” Participatory culture leading very slowly to …. aw fuck this is too awesome. Grass Mud Horse. I can’t even. Bia Granja! Brazil! YouPIX, 6,000+ people. Shows a video of moot dancing. Yes, with the laughter. Explanation of media setup, relationship to meme generation. Social media was the key. Nipples boy. New Rule 34, it’s the video is viral there is funk of it. Motherfucker fucker, I’m awesome. Sou foda. Ah, THAT’S what he was dancing to. The importance of fun. Anas Qtiesh, Syria. Weird role of humor in political activism. Memes help break fear in governments. No revolution is complete without rage comics.


From Micro-Fame to Nano-Fame

UNITING HUMANITY UNDER THE RAINBOW, because we’re all different colors.

The guy who made Me Gusta is talking about a sort of dissociative relationship with his drawring. And says it belongs to the internet, not him, so is like, meh I wasn’t going to commoditize that shit. Isn’t mine anymore.


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