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Good god, this weekend. I’m in the airport waiting to fly back to normalish, grasping for something to say about the last 48 hours. I suspect I’ll need a few days to digest. And by “digest,” I mean “revise my conclusion.” Well not really revise, more like augment. Lots of new evidence, both explicit (i.e. stuff people were actually arguing on panels and in the clogged hallways) and implicit (i.e. stuff people weren’t outright addressing but were enacting). Everything in my bag with a blank surface is now covered in notes, and I have a seventy-five page long rambling notes-to-self prose poem email containing gems like the following, taken from moot’s solo panel:

{leaving)we’re losing ……. the stories. being stripped of that richness.”
memes the instruments by which we would play music
fear we’re losing our song
so keep playing your music………
am i just an old young guy

the kids are finding new creepy things
“this is like a support group”
as an old guy, i’ve heard it all before
niche mainstream, old eople get mad, finds a way to break out and become niche again. we’re in that process, in the middle of that cycle.
the new thing will be here in a few years
On that note, more soon.

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