Oh man.

June 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Quick theory: perhaps 4chan keeping much more extensive records of who does what than anyone knows (common knowledge that they already flag and hand over info to Feds when pressed; this data has to go somewhere, even if front-end is regularly flushed). Perhaps deeper cookie/indexing log/data something, hence compromise of servers major deal for users, hence 4chan’s stern warning for users to flush personal DNS cache? Whatever it is, something in the water doesn’t taste quite right. (implications: could potentially build up criminal folder on anons accessing illegal/potentially illegal or otherwise embarrassing content, anything from torrents to kiddie porn? ALL IS FULL OF UNCLEAR)

Update: this is probably wrong. More likely that hackers unlocked access logs, which could be stitched together with other data, much more compromising data, which could potentially unmask browsing history and potentially actual rl identity of who knows how many anons.

More as the story develops.


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