Profiles in Dick Jokes

June 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hey look, here are two articles about my research! One was for Fast Company, written by Nidhi Subbaraman; I describe trolling in terms of water facets and glasses of water. Sure!

“Trolls are symptomatic–there’s not doubt about that–and by dealing with just the system, you’re not dealing with the underlying cause,” she says. “Let’s deal with our problems first, and then more than likely, you turn that faucet of hatred off and there’s going to be fewer trolls holding up their water glasses.”

The other is for Inside Oregon, written by Matt Cooper; I declare my affinity for troublemakers (WHO ME??) and describe trolls as the salt in one’s soup. Sure, again!

But Phillips argues that trolls reflect the content, ideas and customs that society already embraces. The Internet makes visible what already exists in a culture, Phillips said, and trolls work off that content. 

“Trolls are like the salt on your soup,” she said. “They bring out the stuff that’s already there.”

Cool stories! But seriously. It’s odd to give interviews about trolling, especially when I’m explaining things on the fly (I have a penchant for mixed and otherwise unlikely metaphors). No matter what I say or how I say it, I feel like I could have given a better soundbite. OH WELL, life is hard.

Update: Yes soup. EAT IT. EAT IT ALL.


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