The Greatest Headline Ever Written

June 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

The details of this BuzzFeed article are less important than that glorious headline (well not really, the article is actually pretty funny, particularly Matt Buchanan’s use of the phrase “dick algorithm” in the fourth paragraph). For those of you in the audience who aren’t 12 year old boys (I’m including myself in that category, thankyouverymuch), here’s the SFWish backstory:

There was always a shadow hanging over Chatroulette, and it was in the shape of penis. At least half of all encounters on Chatroulette were not with the smiling face of another human, but with a penis. Drooping or erect, hanging alone or being gently stroked by a hand. It’s part of what killed it. And it’s something that Sean and Shawn (Parker and Fanning, of Facebook and Napster fame, respectively) very much want to avoid with Airtime, their new video chat and sharing service that’s somewhere between Chatroulette — you can talk to semi-random people! — and Skype — but with your Facebook friends as a buddy list. Plus you can share videos you like with the person you’re chatting with.

But hold that thought, troll. Chatroulette this is not, as the following list of prohibited behaviors will attest. Airtime users will be banned for:

Inappropriate behavior
Nudity or partial nudity
Obscene or vulgar behavior
Sexually suggestive behavior
Animal cruelty
Drug use
Harassment or hate speech
Unauthorized advertising
Behavior that makes the reasonable User uncomfortable
Illegal activities
Submitting false reports of abuse or misconduct
Doing something that interferes with another’s uninterrupted use and enjoyment of Airtime
Impersonating other people
Recording content and distributing it without permission

In other words, from using it?  Yes, probably.

Also lol.


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