Doctor of PhiLOLsophy

June 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

revision notes; I like the accidental penis that says “transgressive play”

I defended my dissertation on Friday, which according to my phone was yesterday. Hard to keep track, as I’m also packing for the Big Move. Brain all swimmy, too many to-do lists, etc. The defense itself went well, well as well as these things go. It’s nervewracking as all hell, to sit there fielding questions for what feels like fifteen hours. But I walked out of the room a proper-ass DOKTOR, and with a fistful of truly excellent revision suggestions. Really seriously, I could not have asked for a better, smarter committee, which consisted of Lisa Gilman (Folklore), Doug Blandy (Arts and Administration), David Li (English) and my advisor, the incomparable, unsinkable, honeybadger of the century Carol Stabile (Jcomm, CSWS, English). I certainly have had my struggles at UO, but my committee was NOT one of them. In conclusion: smell ya later, Eugene. On to who knows what.


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