Modern Primate Repost: Fox News M, a Magazine for Ladies

June 26, 2012 § 3 Comments

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One of the funniest things to happen on the internet in ages is this mess, Fox News’ shout-out to sub-literate stay at home lady readers, aka (in Fox’s hivemind) average lady readers, aka walking real dolls who craft, because what’s a woman except a devoted housewife and mommy and covetous twee-monger. They do/birth/make/use their husband’s credit cards to buy SO MUCH, and therefore deserve their OWN SPACE to be all subservient and vagina-having. Here’s my take, from Modern Primate:

Recently our own Curt Rancor wrote an article trollishly extolling the virtues of Fox News’ new lifestyle magazine, Fox News M. “With a layout inspired by Pinterest,” he wrote, “her delicate mind won’t have any trouble navigating features like Brooklyn Decker’s Beach Secrets, 8 Steps to Really Clean Windows, How to Keep Mealybugs out of your Flour, and other articles relevant to her unique lifestyle as a housekeeper and a wife.”

In short, Fox News M is great for tiny ladybrains negatively affected by things like “news” or “thinking.” You know what happens when ladybrains try to think –as opposed to shop–through their problems! They might mean well, but before you know it they’ll be splattering period blood all over your man cave. What a hassle, amirite fellas?

What Curt means, of course, is that this so-called lifestyle magazine (“lifestyle” apparently being the only sphere of female interest and/or influence) reduces the female experience—and they would use a phrase like that—to a handful of tired heteronormative tropes, all of which play directly into the assumption that there is and should be a separate sphere for the fairer sex, who simply cannot stop splattering their period blood all over your man cave. That the site is the brainchild of Fox News only highlights the gross ideological underpinnings, namely that women-folk shouldn’t be encouraged to poke their button noses where they don’t belong.

Full article here!


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