“That’s Internet Woman to You, Motherfuckers”

June 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

cool story, rape clown

I originally clicked on Cord Jefferson’s Gawker article because it promised to talk shit about the shitty rapist shitbags on Mad Men. But what I got was more than a rousing rapist-trouncing. The article trounces over Aaron Sorkin AND aging white men AND pushback against the changing of the political guard. Good times.

Despite writing a whole movie about the most famous internet company in history, Aaron Sorkin will probably die thinking that the internet and the young people creating it will never be as valuable as the people and inventions his age and older. And he is not alone. There are many wealthy white men throughout the world who believe things were better when the power sat solely in their soft, manicured hands. These are the men who laugh a little too long at the part when Don Draper asks Roger Sterling, “What do women want?” and Sterling replies, “Who cares?” But the good news is that the reason these people bitterly cling to the past so damn tightly is because they can see it slipping away. They’re thrashing the way a man on a sinking ship might futilely thrash at land well out of his reach, kicking his legs until the very moment the water overtakes him. They are a dying breed, and they know it, which is why they take it out on people younger than them by calling our culture debased and calling us “internet girls.” They’ll be gone soon, but in the meantime it’s up to us to ensure they know who they’re talking to while they’re still around: That’s internet woman to you, motherfuckers.

Amen, full article here.


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