Trolls These Days

July 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

They’re taking the game to Tumblr, as transethnic Canadian cats. Per Betabeat:

Late last night, the trio of authors of the Prince-Koyangi Tumblr decided to let the cat out of the bag. Or rather the “autistic pangender asexual demiromantic trans-asian cat,” as the blog’s fictional 16-year-old author “jun/june” describes “xieself.”

“This is starting to get kind of boring so I suppose it’s time to give it up,” says a post signed “Chloe, Stephanie and Tyler,” who claim to be the real authors of the Prince-Koyangi Tumblr. “As some of our more astute readers have noticed, this is a troll blog — a collaborative trolling effort between three teenagers with too much time on their hands. None of us are autistic, pangender, asexual, demiromantic, transethnic, or a cat, although one of us is 16 and Canadian. It was fun while it lasted.”

Calling out Tumblr for excessive narcissism and self-aggrandizing sounds like a fool’s errand to us. But I’m-trolling-you-for-your-own-good is becoming kind of a popular excuse these days, huh?



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