This Week(end) in Trollbait

July 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here is an article –well two articles, one titled Science Says: Don’t Date Muscular Guys! and one titled Men Focused on Muscles are More Sexist— about how muscular men are just the worst! For some reason, the bodybuilding set isn’t too pleased! Daw you guys, have a kleenex!

Here is a second article that is making just as many people just as angry, but for opposite reasons! This nice young lady has some totally thoughtful and not at all satirical tips for securing that coveted MRS degree! It’s degrading to women that she would publish such a piece, and wear such an ugly shirt!

Finally, the New Statesman just published the internet’s most closely-guarded secret for keeping our nation’s trolls happy and well-fed! Namely, post a collection of the meanest and most upsetting images you say the bad men should never have posted, because they are so mean and upsetting! Great job buying into and replicating the gross sensationalist logic that keeps trolls trolling, and even better job recognizing that the act of “shaming” as the humans understand it has the opposite effect on trolls, who are by definition shameless. Ooh and anticipating how invigorated the trolls will feel seeing their handiwork publicized for all eyes to see! Also providing a very simple blueprint explaining exactly how to make lots of people very angry! For a while it was looking like the little shitheads might actually leave Sarkeesian alone, that really was a close one!*

*For the record, I’m all for calling sexist dumbasses out for being sexist dumbasses. But this is entirely NOT the way to go about it, on the internet, in 2012.


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