Samantha Brick Rides Again

July 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

A woman’s gotta protect what’s hers!

And this time, it’s her husband’s hotness she’s touting!

But not just her husbands’ hotness. SamB also expresses support for Jools Oliver, apparently the wife of that one TV chef who fails at scaring children with chicken nuggets. Jools recently admitted in another Daily Mail article that she reads through her husbands emails, texts and tweets. The horror, except not to our Sam! She supports Jools’ decision, because women are horrible spider queen sex monsters. Here, let Samantha explain:

My experience has shown me there are scores of women who are morally bankrupt when it comes to using every form of modern communication available to snare an already taken man.

Men seem to have no idea about how pitifully easily they can be trapped by unscrupulous women hell bent on hooking any chap they fancy.

The fact is that women are brilliant communicators: we excel at composing flirty one-liners and sending carefully worded ‘friendly’ messages to members of the opposite sex.

And that’s why every morning the first thing I do on waking, after checking my voicemail and emails, is to check my husband’s messages. When I scan through his emails, I scrutinise his inbox for female names. When I find them, I’ll open the message and run through the text, casting a beady eye over how they sign off.

I mean her husband has women CONSTANTLY throwing themselves at his feet. Can you blame her for worrying?!

Also, why hasn’t anyone given this woman Pulitzer Prize yet, for trolling? No really. Read all 700 comments. The woman has a gift.


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