In Praise of Terrible Things

July 25, 2012 § 5 Comments

Earlier a friend linked me to this article, a review of the art film Nazis at the Center of the Earth. Near the end of the review, thefoodjunk gives what –from my perspective at least– is the highest possible endorsement of any film:

I loved this movie!  It’s everything a low-budget B-movie should be.  The plot is straightforward, it’s bad, it’s huge amounts of fun, and it made me want to share it with everyone I know.

I was particularly happy to see “it’s bad” used positively. Really, there are few things more wonderful than a terrible, horrible, no good very bad movie. See Jack Frost; see The Room; see Troll 2. I’d take any of those movies over what typically qualifies as a “good” movie, i.e. movies people actually like or merely tell people they like, because of cool-traps. Suffice it to say that I love and in fact prefer strange and terrible things, deep down at the bottom of my heart, and not even ironically.

For me, the internet equivalent of an awesomely bad film is my all-time favorite website, I fucking love Blingees. I would make Blingees all day if I could. This is good, because later today I’ll be making some Santorum-related Blingees to be used in this week’s slashfic. To see just how seriously I take my ART, behold the vomiting unicorn that is a portion of my Blingee portfolio. Let the sparkle sink in, my friends. LET IT SINK IN.

For a very special birthday boy

Blingee request: “Make this half-naked woman on a cross less offensive”

I know what you did last summer!

Ah, memory lane. And now it’s off the Blingee mines I go!


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