Reddit Simply Does Not Care for Fandom, Fannishly

August 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here, I just wrote a thing about how funny Redditors can be! I’M CHUCKLING AS WE SPEAK.

Earlier today, the Daily Dot posted an article about the 10 worst fandoms as picked by Reddit. The short answer is “all of them,” with dishonorable mentions going to Juggalos, youth cannabis culture, Anime fans, and a handful of other interests that won’t get you upvotes strike Reddit as annoying, including memes and anti-fans. Because Reddit, Reddit is above all that nonsense. “If I ever hear anyone say ‘le’ or ‘me gusta’ in real life, I am going to run them down with my car, then post it to Reddit for karma,” Lauren Rae Orsini quoted Redditor Chakote as saying. Also, people who spend time bitching about the people they hate, that’s just obnoxious! As dinoswithjetpacks notes, his attention likely split between this comment and a meme he’s making for r/athiesm, “What annoys me the most is the anti-fanbases. People glorifying the fact that they DON’T like something that’s popular.” That is very funny irony, you two! 

Full article here!


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