…As Evidenced Through Google Insights

September 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Chris –of “my boyfriend” fame– has just sifted through some analytics that illustrate, with numbers, the thing some of us have long suspected: namely that the ROFL space (variously known as memeshit, internet culture, and/or web culture), which once shared a great deal of subcultural overlap with Anonymous (here I mean little-a anon), has plateaued. I am both shaking my head in sadness and tenting my fingers, who knows what that even means!

The full article is well worth a read, but here’s a quote that follows the first of a series of Google Insight charts (which measure fluctuations in search volume over time):

Well, if there’s one thing that can be ascertained from this chart, it’s that as of February, “memes” have reached a ceiling. At the very least the phase of exponential growth that lasted from 2008 until about last January is over. And if there’s a second thing to be learned, it’s that Anonymous (or at least what we knew as the lulz-driven Anonymous) is effectively dead.

This is a controversial and potentially even counterintuitive thing to say, given the mass popularity of memes. But he’s not saying memes are GONE, rather that this particular iteration of this particular memescape is no longer on the upswing. Still —  I await the internet’s response…


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