e-LOL-ction 2012: Talkin Political Memes on The Awl

November 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

Today my friend Kate Miltner and I published a yak on The Awl (which is awesome), about political memes! Here is that framing:

Whitney Phillips: So memes, right!? Memes are so hot right now. MEMES. Whatever that term even means anymore! We are wading through puddles of memes, whether we’re talking about unimpressed gymnasts,television premieres, or NASA scientists. Memes have even broken into the political space—if there is anything more pervasive than political memes, it’s the discussion andcollation of political memes. It’s now routine for news organizations like Time and ABC News to file helpful reports like “Binders Full Of Women: Ladies And Gentlemen, Your New Political Meme” and hurl around listicles of the “funniest debate memes” like so many politically-themed frisbees.

And people cannot seem to agree whether this is a good thing or the worst thing! For some, political memes represent an EPIC WIN for CROWDSOURCED DEMOCRACY. For others, they are a sign of theintellectual apocalypse! For many seasoned internet hands, they provide further proof that memes have become the victim of their own success. So which is it? Are political memes ushering in a new era of crowdsourced democracy, or are they proof that the American political discourse has become so superficial that we can’t digest anything longer than 140 characters?

This is a good article you guys, and the full text is here!!!


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§ 2 Responses to e-LOL-ction 2012: Talkin Political Memes on The Awl

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