The Girlfriend’s Reaction to the Boyfriend’s Guide to Pinterest

December 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Recently, my boyfriend started using Pinterest. This was a surprise to me, because Pinterest?? That website is for…women*. Women who are really excited to swap DIY wedding ideas and fashion tips and pointers on how to consume twee shit more conspicuously with other women. Right? I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with that, except for the part about heteronormativity and the marriage-industrial complex and traditional gender roles and patriarchy. But then there Chris was, declaring that he would be creating a profile because he wanted to nest, specifically by organizing a virtual kitchen pantry, complete with dedicated pickle and tea and gluten free product boards. In honor of our impending engagement (we decided that asking people to marry each other is weird, and that instead we would designate January 1 as our engagement day), Chris even created a wedding planning board –not my idea!– primarily to collect images of the red velvet armadillo cake that is the ONLY wedding fantasy that has ever existed in my mind, and which will serve as the diabetic backdrop of our special day. So, gender I guess! Also this video, which you should watch because it is funny.

*For the record I am a straight feminist woman with a knee-jerk resistance to traditional gender binaries, and who has never in her life understood the impulse to look or feel or dress like a princess. I just don’t get it. Which isn’t to say that all women on Pinterest are wannabe Disney Princesses, it’s just that strongly gendered spaces –whether traditionally masculine or traditionally feminine– confuse and frustrate me, so I try and avoid them.


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