Fox News Passes the Ideological Buck

December 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here is a clip of a Fox News segment that attempts to connect the recent shootings –fuck everything about that plural noun– with video games, reality television, and Facebook. I’ve heard the first two cited before, but Facebook? That’s some fancy morally panicked footwork. The clip also describes the perpetrators as “monstrous,” which might seem like an appropriate qualifier, but coming from Fox News actually performs an underhanded, though for them necessary, ideological trick — namely, it places all the blame on discrete, aberrational perpetrators –“monsters” nursed on secular pleasures– and in so doing manages to sidestep the systemic failures and inhumane policies out of which these kinds of tragedies are born, failures and policies –most notably, the libertarian ideal that GUNS + ZERO SOCIAL SERVICES = FREEDOM– that Fox News just so happens to propagate. By casting blame outward, as far from home as possible, there’s no need to reflect on the material implications of the choices made by those in positions of ideological influence    ———  which again, is a very helpful trick when you happen to be part of that problem.


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