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Earlier as partner-person and I were walking down the stairs to take Nathan out for ONE MORE WALK, for god’s sake, I found myself humming the above tune. I hadn’t thought about it in years, but back when the song first came out –my mom, who is from Georgia Virginia, listened to the country station sometimes; my family’s unofficial anthem is Devil Went Down to Georgia, what (also, I linked to the CORRECT VERSION in which Johnny calls the devil “you sunnova bitch!” at 2:54 instead of the weak-sauce “son of a gun!” radio edit)– I used to add “.gov” at the end of “www.momory,” and then I would laugh. That was in 2000, when I was still in high school, and 13 years later I am still laughing. The more things change I guess; anyway enjoy the following video description from Wikipedia (for some reason the official video isn’t available in the U.S. which makes all of no sense):

The song uses Internet terminology, such as “if you feel the need, just click on me”, with Jackson directing his fictional lover to a website called “www.memory”. The lyric describes love gone wrong, but it adds a new twist in that the guy invites his old flame to take a stroll down memory lane via www.memory.

The music video features a female driving through a town in a Chrysler PT Cruiser, passing by billboards featuring Jackson’s face. 



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