April 17, 2013 § 2 Comments

Contrary to half the articles that have been published on the internet today, no one knows anything about the Boston bombing, not even law enforcement. So here’s an idea, internet, stop what you’re doing, back away from the computer, and go find a park to walk around in. It’s spring outside! Or hey, call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Call them on the phone! Talk about your feelings, and tell them something kind! Do NOT click on any Gawker articles that feature a picture of a bloody sidewalk. And if you’re Gawker, quit parading around other people’s blood like you own it, you’re disgusting.

Bye for now, I have a dog to go pet!


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  • Michael E. Stamm says:

    Thanks for posting this, Whitney. I watched more coverage than I really wanted to Monday night, and after the first 10 minutes, and the first dozen-or-so replays of the explosions video, all the talking heads were doing was just…talking. They had nothing to say, they didn’t know anything, but they had air-time to fill and a narrative to try to jerry-rig out of noise and rumor and the latest case of national heebie-jeebies, complete with asinine faux-portentous conclusions. Even the local news here got into the act, interviewing a Eugene runner who’d been there when the bombs went off (although he was two blocks away and saw nothing but the aftermath). You’re right–enough is enough. In this case, enough (a word the newsies do not know) is WAY too much.

    • Because our apartment here in NYC is so laughably small, we don’t have space for a TV — which breaks my heart in some ways, but in other ways is a gift from heaven. Like when something horrible happens. I can hardly stand reading the coverage of these sorts of events; if I had TV too I know I would watch, and just swear at the screen the whole time and end up feeling even worse. These kinds of events are deeply upsetting, and require some dealing with —– healthy emotional responses that are stunted by the sort of coverage you describe. It is dehumanizing and unnecessary and made worse by the fact that it makes people MONEY. It’s enough to send me scurrying off the internet, at least for a few days. I can’t be fully human here, a point that has become more and more apparent this past year…

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