Samantha Brick Redux

May 6, 2013 § 2 Comments

samantha brick

This sort of thing –wherein some young lass writes an article on the internet lamenting how difficult it is to be an attractive female— makes me laugh so hard. I wrote a thing about this last year, in response to the incomparable Samantha Brick. God bless you, ye poor tragic beauties!



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§ 2 Responses to Samantha Brick Redux

  • Katie says:

    “Be you wearing a full hijab, morbidly obese or fifty years old…” Ewwww…FIFTY? So gross.

    • Also the phrase “Be you [lists apparently deal-killing traits].” For a second I thought she was suggesting that people just be themselves whatever their circumstances, but then I realized that nope, that’s just her being too pretty for grammar/homophones. Correct words are for the uglies to worry about!

      Be you wearing a full hijab, morbidly obese or fifty years old, if you’re female, something similar has happened to you…but all these memories cement the disconcerting and warped self-worthiness: I am what society deems just another ‘pretty girl’. And just in case you didn’t know — a ‘pretty girl’ is a mythical entity without feelings or a name, you can call entire swarms of people under this term — accept they are not seen as people. Which is why, I hate being a pretty girl.

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