Oh But People Are Being Annoying On the Internet

May 8, 2013 § 3 Comments

White people on the internet who think that a black guy automatically = comedy gold, close your Facebooks and go watch a rerun of How I Met Your Mother.

From The Atlantic Wire via Slate:

“Perhaps it’s time for the world’s meme artists to stop assuming that any black dude getting interviewed on local news about a crime he helped to foil can be reduced to some catch phrase or in-joke” Miles Klee writes over at Blackbook. “It’s just baffling that we’re trying to find a way to laugh about what is, in itself, a harrowing turn of events,” Klee adds.


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§ 3 Responses to Oh But People Are Being Annoying On the Internet

  • kasireynolds says:

    This made it to Australian prime time news – a 3 minute, completely degrading feature complete with Twitter screen shots. Appalling.

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  • Neil Roberts says:

    Please. I grew up in the Bahamas, an almost entirely black nation, and a man with this type of personality is celebrated there as much as it is by any white person online. Speaking this way, with flourishes, unnecessary context, and self-deprecation, is something learned and perfected. The video is being passed around there as much at it is in America, but at least the people enjoying it there aren’t white?

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