What is a Troll, Exactly? My Daily Dot Article on Definitions

May 20, 2013 § 1 Comment

something ducks walk on

New article on trolling on definitions! The setup: These days apparently everything on the internet that is lame/upsetting is “trolling.” This framing isn’t doing us any favors! From the article:

[I concede that language shifts over time; I’m not mad, bro] But describing all problematic online behaviors as trolling and all online aggressors as trolls is a bad idea. Not because there is only one “correct” way to troll, as some trolls might insist, but because using the term as a stand-in for everything terrible online is imprecise, unhelpful, and—most importantly—tends to obscure the underlying problem of offline bigotry and aggression.

For the thrilling conclusion, go here.


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§ One Response to What is a Troll, Exactly? My Daily Dot Article on Definitions

  • self-appointed inspector says:

    Without having to deconstruct the pseudo-intellectualism within the article, may I point out that trolling is not the issue. The “corporate” Library of congress, and the copyright office Destroys, incinerates, shreds almost all Self-published works as a rule. That means ALL media is corporate censorship against the people, with their troll rubbish. Corporations are Not people with a conscience (nor persons). Amazon provides only 35% Royalties, or 70% Royalties (even though the KDP program shares advertising revenues, as if they were royalties. Only authors obtain “royalties” who should get 100% “royalties.” Business, distributors DO NOT ever obtain royalties. It is a tax and ripoff scam too. BTW, who or what destroys books!!!! BTW, without any knowledge of your dissertation, I wrote a kindle book on Amazon. Dialogue with an Internet Troll. check it out. I can get it to you in a PDF format, email me. . publish=tenure. thomas

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