The Third Day of Autumn

September 24, 2013 § Leave a comment


Yesterday our internet was down, and other than needing to check my phone to see how much the 30 Rock seasons 1-7 box set would cost (if it would be possible to be best friends with a show, 30 Rock would be mine — sorry X-Files), I hardly noticed. Chris and I took the dog to the beach, got some very good news about a Special Project we’ve been noodling through, and went on an evening walk that culminated in the above photograph, which again was taken just up the trail from our house.

Thanks in part to all this walking around outside, I’ve had a chance to think, like really think, about my professional path(s), plural because for academics (and for everyone else, I’d imagine, but manifested in very specific ways within the academy) “professional path” often implies some unholy combination of “the path you’d like to take” and “the path you feel you SHOULD take, because that’s how things are done/because so many people have invested so much energy in your intellectual development and you wouldn’t want to disappoint them now would you/because of a deep sense of inferiority placated only, and only in part, by the achievement of specific benchmarks.” My path(s) have been in the process of diverging for several months, but my feelings about those paths –about which I will write in more detail soon– have been slower to catch up. But I’m getting there.

And now, some puppies frolicking around in a pumpkin patch.

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