You Had Me at “Dump Cake”

December 26, 2013 § 3 Comments

My poor Chris has been sick since Christmas, which was….yesterday? really?….and is currently asleep on the couch. So, when I feasted my eyes (GET IT BECAUSE DUMP CAKE) on this masterpiece dinner theater and immediately started quaking with giggles like some 12 year-old boy confronted by, well, an infomercial for “Dump Cakes” (BUTTS YOU GUYS), I tried with all my might to stfu & push my laughter deep down to the centered and mature part of my soul. Unfortunately, that part of my soul has emotional problems, and I almost threw up from lack of oxygen. That’s what I get when I try to act like a grown-ass woman.

What really killed me was the Dump Mug Cakes (mug o dump?) — more an inside joke with my mommy than anything else, on account of all she ever wants to do is watch people fall out of houses, barhop, and cook mini cakes in the microwave (nailed it!). NAW I’M JUST KIDDING MOM, I know you also like cage fighting.

Well, that’s pretty much all I’m good for tonight. I’m going to watch this mess like 6 more times before I go to bed, as the good lord intended.

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§ 3 Responses to You Had Me at “Dump Cake”

  • Karen says:

    Things that should not have been mentioned in connection to a food-related product involving the word ‘dump’: chilli, beef, bananas, that terrifying chocolate thing (chocolate! really!), ‘pineapple upside-dump cake’, all foodstuffs. Did… nobody think to tell her? How does she not know that that word does not mean what she thinks it means? I mean, that’s not even really a slang term here and STILL even a sedate grandmother would probably be smirking a bit at the innuendo after the term ‘dump’ is used for the 90th time.

    • Oh my god, the pineapple upside-DUMP moment basically broke my face I laughed so hard. Sometimes I really wish I was smarter and more mature, but other times I dgaf cuz dump jokes are just objectively funny.

  • […] a follow-up to my Pineapple Upside-DUMP Cake post, please enjoy what can only be described at the juiciest pile of steaming WAT that has ever […]

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