A Whole Lotta Mad

April 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

The cat = internet

The guy holding the camera = Facebook

It’s gonna be a bumpy CISPA!


Zuckerberg + CISPA = <3

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If there’s anything we can learn from THE SOPA and THE ACTA, it’s that’s Reddit’s already REALLY MAD ABOUT THIS!!!! Verily I am tenting my fingers.

Click here for further info-lulzment. The cheezburger aka copyright monster par excellence macro is a nice touch!

Just a Small Town Girl

April 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

Journey, everybody! Also, having watched Chris put together a handful of supercuts in the last few weeks, I can say that this video is the result of A LOT OF HOURS OF WORK, and/therefore hats off.

This quote, taken from Gawker article about how Teen Vogue is trying to make wearing PJs to prom a thing, possibly as a cruel joke, made me laugh much harder than it should have:

That’s how I’d go about it too. Release a few choice quotes to select media outlets (the school paper, the morning announcements, Teen Vogue) about how my popular friends and I plan on schlepping up to prom in just any old thing. How anyone who doesn’t wear pajamas to prom is clearly a desperate try-hard. How there is liiiiterally noooothing woooorse than not wearing pajamas to prom.

Dear god, am I suddenly a fan of Teen Vogue now? Guess I have to be. Gif related, it’s how I imagine that pitch meeting.

In other look-ma-no-standards news, here’s a thing that made me laugh — people trying to communicate with their favorite restaurants over Facebook. My personal favorite:


And They Never Slept Again

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a holiday icon

That’s right Jimmy, adults are LIARS. You should never listen to anything they say!

I Have a New Favorite Thing

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is that an uncanny valley in your pocket or are you just a male real doll?

It’s about damn time they started making male real dolls! BEWARE of a little NSFW cock-action in one of the later pics, you’re welcome!

For those of you unfamiliar with the wonderful world of dishwasher safe sex objects, please review every show on TLC!

Sensual Easter Seduction

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As if we needed further proof, Courtney Stodden is a holiday icon.


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mmm mmm good

This is my favorite sort of story. Dentist collects celebrity teeth, for more delicious soup I’m assuming!

On an unrelated note, this post made me lol, and is apparently what happens when you ask Swedish children to explain the meaning of Easter. Like a goat, indeed!

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