Three Day Roundup

April 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Due to an irrational fear of touching or being touched by butter (not kidding), this video makes me want to start crying.

It’s nice to see a kid so young be so poised and articulate! All those years of pageants have really paid off.

In Miley Cyrus news, looks like somebody needs to lay off the damn Salvia.

Speaking of Salvia:

Oh and Dick Clark died.

My Christmas Eves will never be the same

So yeah, it’s been pretty quiet on the blogging front due to finishing the line edits on my dissertation. I haven’t had much space in my head for any more words than absolutely necessary. I have however had several outstanding television experiences, including the actually genius Food Network show Sweet Genius. Not since Too Cute has a show made me so happy.

It’s not the cooking I care about, it’s the derangement. Chef Ron gives contestants really weird ingredients to work with, shit like wheatgrass and duck meat, and even weirder inspiration pieces, for example “sand” and “Chinese Dragon Head” and then is like MAKE ME A CHOCOLATES LOL.

One show that made me WAT into my soup was this hot mess, about a Spanish woman named Tania Head who told everyone she’d been on the 76th floor of the second WTC tower and had survived against all odds. She became the poster-lady for the 9/11 Survivor Network, and even was asked to speak at the memorial for the guy who she claimed saved her life. Despite the fact that she’d never stepped foot in the US until 2003. And had never been inside the World Trade Center. And, you know, wasn’t a survivor.  To say that I don’t even is the understatement of the year.

I am going to write something about the dissertation tomorrow, for now all of my thinking parts hurt.


Today’s Travels – Contact of an Insulting or Provoking Nature

June 30, 2011 § 2 Comments

One of the things that’s nice about being back on the west coast is that by the time I wake up and make myself some coffee, the internet is already abuzz & most everything bizarre that’s going to be posted is already up. On the east coast, I’d have to wait for everybody to get to work, since that’s where all the mischief happens. And is why the weekends are so quiet, there’s no oppressive Man to stick things to.

Speaking of oppression, here’s the poor man’s Martha Stewart on the origin of messes, for which the only excuse is carelessness.

Reminds me of something…

The art of the slowdown, starring Toddlers and Tiaras very own 40-something drag queen prostitot, Miss Eden Wood.

Color me impressed, this is really good you guys. She’s livin’ the life she wants to live! Caviar in the sky!

Also here’s Adam Savage from MythBusters performing “I Will Survive” as Gollum.

In conclusion, zombies.

This is an actual thing

Today’s Travels – There Are No Stupid Questions

June 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

All creations are created equal, but some creations are more equal than others.

First of all yes, I want to have Horsbic to my country.

Second of all, yes, love really is a many-splendored thing.

What can I say, the truth hurts.

Today’s Travels – Simple Pleasures

June 10, 2011 § Leave a comment



(ugh originally I’d posted a different local news F-bomb, but that video was removed from YouTube due to copyright claims, boohiss, here have another)

(Update: ha ha NVM somebody else reposted it. Suck on that, YouTube’s TOS)

Loving my DUX


Innocent fun.

A mother’s love (no seriously).


Today’s Travels – The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

May 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Wait, those aren't my shoes

Ah, that's much better. GAGA!

Jesus Christ. No literally. Jesus discovered America.

Wait, I take that back. Jesuschrist, but this time used as a swear.

I see your (my?) “jesuschrist” and raise you (me?) a jesuschrist.

Speaking of taking the lord’s name in vain…here’s some dramz involving fake-naked television people, one of whose father ran for president that one time? Cool story.

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